Video game and console sales plunge 20% in August

Not just Batman and Spider-Man xbox 360 controller parts could pull the interactive entertainment industry beyond its sales funk, as sales of video games and consoles fell 20% in August from a year earlier despite chart-topping titles featuring both the superheroes.

Last month's sales were $515.6 million, compared to $647.2 million in 2011, in accordance with a report from NPD Group Inc., an industry research firm.

Sales of console hardware such  xbox 360 slim hard drive as Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 console were hit hardest, registering a 39% drop, as consumers might have held back spending awaiting newer consoles coming. Nintendo, for example, is anticipated to push out a its next-generation Wii U gaming console this coming year, and Microsoft and Sony Corp. are reportedly developing their next game machines.



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