Epic Games chief designer and his game kingdom

CliffyB in the first game in the field when they show the people out of their own unique talents, as a key education object, in 1994, there has been no is 20 years old is the CliffyB in "the speed of light the rabbit" of the production process of coming to the forefront. And then really made his reputation is Epic Games two of town club level was blowing-" the unreal tournament "and" the war machine "series. In the above two paragraphs in the works, and bear the CliffyB will own works producer of talent and creativity to get incisively and vividly, and thus entered the world first-class game producer ranks.
 In the interim, CliffyB like on social networking sites and the players around the world share their thoughts and daily life, and even will help his fans find a suitable job. Eternal optimist, long not big of the boy, and let's see CliffyB in "war machine 3" in the future after can bring us what kind of amazing.



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